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When Dip Studio was founded back in 2003 we’ve had a simple idea that turned out to be our value proposition, future vision and a mission statement - all embodied in our name. “D” in the name stands for “Dabartis” (“Present Day” in Lithuanian). "Dip" stands for "Present day internet projects" - with a pinch of liberal arts added with the "Studio" word.

We wanted to use present day technology for our clients, neither betting on the uncertain, half-baked might-be future tech - nor sticking with the outdated, old approaches.

Well-developed understanding of the context of each project was our top priority. Finding a perfect balance between the needs of various stakeholders is never easy with price-time-specification triangle being a moving target.

Our search for a local optimum paid off - we didn't die as many small web dev companies and tend to keep our clients for many years.

At some point this approach got a name and it became popular to call yourself a "solutions" company. We did that too. Coming up with a good solution is at least one step up from doing a good project plan. It's hard. You need enough attention, deep engagement in client's business, good understanding of the available tech, ability to estimate, critical thinking.. a bag of tools.

Anything can be done and any problem can be resolved - yet not all problems are worth solving.

Solutions never became a silver bullet.

Avoiding the unsuitable or outdated technology prevents some upstream risks, deep analytical evaluation of the client's brief, audience profile, change requests, feedback - helps too, but what many in the industry have discovered - it's not the biggest setback of web development.

You often end up doing the second, third or even lower priority work - while the top priority work is not done at all.

Problems are yet another step up. Finding the right problem, fighting the right fight - is more important, than a good, even perfect solution driving you in the wrong direction. Problem evaluation, sourcing, prioritization - are often out of reach for web development companies.

Client does it - sets the stage, brings the problem in, briefs you on the direction of work and kick-starts the project. Sometimes it's a completely wrong direction, but you can't know that upfront. Or can you?

We get involved. Outsourcing company that acts like a department of your business, aiming at a strategic alignment with your values system, future vision, corporate culture - and still using the most adequate technology stack possible.

That's us - Dip Studio. Get in touch and we'll walk with you all the way up - starting with your problems at hand.

Present day technologies adequate to client's needs, project context, audience, time-scope-budget constraints. Deep engagement, careful prioritization, honest and ethical partner in the world of web development.

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